Blue screen HP Designjet T520 and T120 solution

If your HP Designjet T520 or T120 shows a blue screen and an error code immediately after turning on the plotter, then the encrypted chip on the motherboard is defect.
This encrypted chip is not supplied separately by HP, but you can purchase it separately with us. There are two solutions for the problem.

1. Replacing the motherboard

Replacement is relatively easy to do yourself. However, some cables have to be disconnected. The disadvantage of this option is the high price of the motherboard. After replacing the motherboard the blue screen will disappear and the printer will work perfectly once again.

Motherboard HP Designjet T520 CQ890-67097

Motherboard HP Designjet T120 CQ891-67019

2. Replacing the encrypted chip on the motherboard.

This is the easiest and cheapest solution. No cables would need to be disconnected. Only the encrypted chip will be replaced. The encrypted chip is located on the motherboard with a USB connection. Remove the old one and click the new encrypted chip in its position.
Advantage: It is easy to replace the chip yourself and it is three times cheaper.

HP Designjet T520 Encrypted chip

HP Designjet T120 Encrypted chip

The abovementioned solutions work for all error codes with a blue screen (for the HP Designjet T520 and T120). The following error codes are the most common:  B8148746 805D7F31 805D0070 B87E7118 B34D8466 B33001AC BA7E710E B87E7114 00541654 B33038E0  B3757338 B817A44 B3273204 B87E7114 BA7E7110 B87e711e B3726336 B36E342A b3b628e4

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