HP Designjet 510 error 05:10 Error message

The HP Designjet 05:10 error message indicates that the HPGL / 2 card is defective. You can easily exchange this card yourself. It sits behind the plastic cover on the back of the printer. By removing two thumbscrews, you can easily pull the card out of the printer.

Before you buy a new HPGL / 2 card, you can first try to put the card in another slot. If the HP Designjet 510 error message 05:10 is still displayed, the card is broken. The only solution is then an exchange of the card.

Unfortunately, the HPGL / 2 card is pretty expensive and hard to come by. We strive to always have a few in stock to help our customers quickly.

Do you have questions about the HP Designjet 510 or the 05:10 error message? Then send us an e-mail! Our experienced HP Designjet installer will be happy to help.

HP Designjet 510 HPGL/2 card

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