HP Designjet 800 error 86:01 Error message

The HP Designjet 800 86: 01 error message indicates that the printer carriage is no longer able to move back and forth properly. In 90% of cases, this is caused by wear of the Carriage Belt (a rubber drive belt).

The solution: First, check for dirt on the guide rail and gently wipe the rail with a dry cloth. For the guide to function optimally, the rail must be a bit greasy.

If the problem persists, take a good look at the drive belt. If there are any missing rubber pieces or the belt sags slack, it must be replaced. This replacement can be carried out with the help of a supplied manual.

After replacing the belt, the printer can work well for years, the error 86:01 is fixed.

Be sure to buy the right belt. The HP Designjet 800 is sold in two versions, 24 and 42 inches. The right dimensions are always on the drive belt.

HP Designjet 800 Drive belt / Carriage belt 24 inch / A1

HP Designjet 800 Drive belt / Carriage belt 42 inch / A0

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